Defensive Hand Gun Class

West Manchester Township Farmers & Sportsman Association 

Course Description:

 This course is designed for basic defensive handgun training.  Students must show verification of basic handgun training prior to taking this class. You will learn basic skills to defend yourself and family in the event of an attack. Training will include awareness, shooting concepts, using cover and concealment, basic legal issues and much more. This course is at a faster pace and requires the student to be comfortable with their handgun, its operation, safety and to be able to shoot accurately up to 15 yards.

 Though this is not a certified NRA course, you will be taught all the same techniques and will learn the training drills to defend yourself. This is only the beginning of your defensive handgun training. It is suggested that you don’t bring your show gun and bring the weapon that you would use in self-defense. Your gun will be used hard in this class.  Magazine’s will be dropped to the ground during reloads etc. Remember, this class is for your safety and is not for the beginner.

Class will be held to a maximum of 10 students.  Registration will be on a first come first served basis.

Location:    West Manchester Twp. Farmers & Sportsman Association

                        4900 Pine Hill Rd.,  Dover, PA. 17315

 Date: Classes will be scheduled when there are enough students for a class.

Time: 10:00 am until 2:00 pm +/-

 Cost:   $50 (non-members) $40 (members) payable to WMTFSA, (mailed to Brian Kimball @ 6245 Salem Run Rd. Dover, PA. 17315. Payment required prior to the training date.   No refund will be given unless another student can fill the position.

Contact Person:  Brian Kimball (Instructor) 717-578-9515

Contact me if you are interested in this course.

Things to Bring to class:

• Handgun (Revolver or Semi-auto) (Any caliber)

• 250 rounds minimum of ammunition.

• Eye protection (Must have while on the range)

• Ear protection (Must have while on the range)

• Clothing suitable for the current weather conditions. Coats, hat, boots etc.

• Personal identification

• Side holster required. (Retention type required)

• Spare magazine and magazine holder and or speed loader and speed loader holder for revolvers.

• Paper and pencil

• Snacks/drinks if desired.

 No ammunition or loaded firearm permitted in the classroom at any time.  Ammunition must be kept in your vehicle until the class moves to the outdoor shooting range.


 10:00am: Introductions and course overview

 10:30am: Class room training and instructions.


 11:00-2:00 Range instructions/shooting drills.  (Times may vary depending on student performance and class size.)



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