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 Membership requirements for new members:

January through June 2022: 
Membership $60, Entrance Fee $75, Total $135
July through September 2022: (2022 membership) 
Membership $30, Entrance Fee $75, Total $105
Read the Bylaws & Rules. (see below)
You are required to attend our regular monthly membership meeting and attend an orientation class. Meetings are usually the first Monday of the month and start at 7:30 PM. Calendar
The orientation class is after the meeting. 
Bring your application to the meeting. 

If you have any questions, call the club or email WMTFSA@gmail.com

Membership renewal for 2023 will be $70. 

Bylaws & Rules

WMTFSA Bylaws 2015

WMTFSA Rules - Approved May 6, 2019

WMTFSA Rules Draft 2022 02 23 - This will be approved on 5/17/22. If you have comments, come to a meeting.

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Newsletter - 2021

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Updated 10/30/2021

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Updated 7/11/2020 

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