Mark your calendars for my Concealed Carry Seminar

Residents wishing to learn more about their Second Amendment rights and Pennsylvania's firearms laws are encouraged to attend the seminar at the West Manchester Farmers and Sportsmans' Association, 4900 Pine Hill Road, on Saturday, Oct. 19, from 9 a.m. to noon.

Attorney Matt Menges will join me to discuss Pennsylvania's concealed carry laws. In addition, law enforcement officers will discuss firearms laws and will answer questions from the audience.

Space is limited, so interested individuals should RSVP as soon as possible by calling my district office at 717-767-3947. Those interested in attending can also register online at www.RepGrove.com RSVPs must be made in advance.

                                 Shooting with Seth

 West Manchester Farmers & Sportsman Club is honored be hosting a new event called, ‘Shooting With Seth’.

Pennsylvania State Representative Seth Grove of the 196th Legislative District will be at our club on September 14th 2019 - 9:00 AM. Seth will be here to discuss issues that are taking place in our state and to answer any questions you may have. After a brief discussion, we will take to the range to partake in some handgun and rifle shooting with Seth. I’m sure this will lead into some friendly competition among the members and our state representative.

If interested, contact Brian Kimball at bdktoys@comcast.net as there is limited space. Please note in the subject line, ‘Shooting with Seth’.

·        Brian Kimball will be acting range officer during the time of ‘Shooting with Seth’

·        All shooters must have their own eye and hearing protection

·        All shooters to supply their own ammunition and gun

·        Guns can only be loaded while on the firing line

·        Depending on the number of shooters, we will rotate shooters on the range using steel targets as well as paper targets

·        If interest, we can run some defensive handgun drills and hold a friendly competition with the dueling tree etc.

All shooters will help clean up brass after the shoot.

                                     Club Donation

In an effort to enhance our shooting ranges and to continue improving range safety, the club is investigating the installation of pre-cast concrete blocks installed between the pistol range and the 100 yard rifle range. The cost of this work exceeds the club budget therefore, we are inquiring to see if there are members willing to make a donation. Each block costs approximately $30. You may donate for one or as many blocks as you like.

If interested, please contact bdktoys@comcast.net and indicate how many blocks you would like to donate.

Thank you in our efforts to enhance the club. 

                                         2019 OFFICERS

President   Mike McNeely

1st Vice President     Brain Kimball

2nd Vice President   Gene Miller

Corresponding Sec.  Tim Barker

Membership Sec.      John Cheetham

Treasurer     Phyllis Crooks

Recording Sec.    Craig Kroft...

Youth Field Day

 Every year the clubs of York County come together to host an event at the Isaac Walton League to help promote and educate the youth on the opportunities that the outdoors can offer. The event allows children ages 8-15 to participate and has activities like trap shooting, black powder, archery, and canoeing.  This year the Youth Field Day was covered in the York Daily Record. A link to the article will be below.


                                    Hunter's Education

 The Hunter's education sign up is now back up on the Game commision's website.  The internet signup is still new so if you have difficulties signing up please email Phylis.  Her phone number is 717-825-3714.  Her email is user867936@aol.com

Next hunters Ed. is Sept 21 and 23rd

here is a link to it  


                                 Guest Membership

The Board have passed a  Guest Membership

Members will be allowed to bring one or two guest with them to use the clubs ranges

the cost will be $5 for each guest for that visit. guest will be limited to 3 visits in his or her lifetime after the 3rd visit they MUST become members to use the clubs ranges.

There will be a locked box and forms for said guest to fill out, at the bar-b-que pit by the driveway leading back to rifle and pistol ranges. Guest MUST HAVE THIS FORM FILLED OUT COMPLETE AND HAVE IT ON THEM AT ALL TIME WHEN ON CLUB GROUNDS!!!!!!!!!

There will be two halfs to fill out one half goes in box along with the $5 and the other is the part that said guest must have on him.

YOU AS A MEMBER ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR GUEST. If for any reason rules are not followed you will be held responsible and my lose or have your club membership suspended.

this is limited to ranges only guest do not have any right to Hunt, trap or fish on club grounds.

This runs from January 1st till September 30 each year so there is no guest allowed during the busiest time of the year.



All members must have membership cards with them at all times while using club grounds.

the number on your card is combination for the main club house, trap building and upstairs of main club house

 No membership money will be accepted at any officer's home.  You must mail or deliver to a meeting only.

              All members are encouraged to attend the regular monthly meetings

                              Contact Information

If you are interested in adding information or photos to this site please contact  Zach Hivner   717- 292-2708 or e-mailwmtfsa@gmail.com.


Are you moving or have you moved?  Please contact Phyllis 764-1208 with your new address so we can update our mailing list. If we do not have your correct address your newsletter will be  returned to us.

                                Membership card

All Members are required to have there membership card on them when on club grounds.

As a member please help us patrol this policy by asking to see each others card. Don't get in fights if someone refuses to show there card report to Craig our caretaker or an officer.

there is NO guest allowed on any range unless they have a guess membership

Upcoming Events

Saturday, Jul 11 at 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Tuesday, Jul 14 at 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Sunday, Jul 19 at 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Monday, Jul 20 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM