3D Shoots

                           Bringing Foam to Life

Come out and enjoy a day in the woods with friends while you sharpen your skills.  The course consists of 30 or more targets set up to challenge you as well as to have fun. We set up an outdoor 3D course on the third Sunday of every month, January through September, registration begins at 8am and ends at 12pm except for special event shoots.  Check schedule of events for days and times.  We are currently 80 percent Rinehart targets to 20 percent McKenzie targets.  So when you come, expect to see a wide variety of animals (where else are you going to shoot a deer, bear, giant cobra, and dinosaur?).


                                Setting Your Sights

If you need to practice up on your yardage, the outdoor range is for you.  With 20, 30, 40, and 50 yard target butts, you can set your pins to the distance you need.  Also, an elevated platform stand to give you a safer way to practice those angles from above.  No need to drag around your treestand just to practice.  This range is open to all members anytime, except when a sanctioned club event prohibits (3D shoots/ Trap shoots).

                                     Take a Hike

Want a new challenge?  We offer a 28 target outdoor course that wraps around the club grounds.  Each target offers different animals (paper targets) to shoot at different yardages.  Don't worry if you don't have a range finder, each target has yardage markers to help you with the odd yards.  You can also compete in the Outdoor League, April- September.  Rules and class breakdowns are located inside the Trap house.  This range is open to all members.  The range is closed during hunting seasons and the "upper half" is closed on Tuesday nights from April through September during Trap Shoots.  The range may also be closed during other sanctioned club events, check to see.


Allen  292-4674 for more information 

Allen  292-4674 for more information 



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