Shooting with Seth

West Manchester Farmers & Sportsman Club is honored be hosting a new event called, ‘Shooting With Seth’. 

Pennsylvania State Representative Seth Grove of the 196th Legislative District will be at our club. The date and time will be announced. Seth will be here to discuss issues that are taking place in our state and to answer any questions you may have. After a brief discussion, we will take to the range to partake in some handgun and rifle shooting with Seth. I’m sure this will lead into some friendly competition among the members and our state representative.

If interested, contact Brian Kimball at bdktoys@comcast.net as there is limited space. Please note in the subject line, ‘Shooting with Seth’.

·        Brian Kimball will be acting range officer during the time of ‘Shooting with Seth’

·        All shooters must have their own eye and hearing protection

·        All shooters to supply their own ammunition and gun

·        Guns can only be loaded while on the firing line

·        Depending on the number of shooters, we will rotate shooters on the range using steel targets as well as paper targets

·        If interest, we can run some defensive handgun drills and hold a friendly competition with the dueling tree etc.

All shooters will help clean up brass after the shoot.

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